How I can help you

Individual Coaching

If you want to reach your goals quickly and find pleasure while actively working towards achieving them, then individual coaching is the perfect choice. You can develop your potential, get rid of your fears and learn how to be truly satisfied in your personal and professional life.

Team, relationship and couples coaching 

Relationships are a very important part of our lives. Relationships with your classmates at school, with your colleagues at work, with your family at home, with friends, and even with yourself. 

Management coaching for new or current leaders

Learn how to make coaching part of your everyday work through a variety of hands-on exercises at our two day workshop. All our workshops and trainings are always designed to match your specific needs. 

Mentoring and Shadow Coaching

I will share my and expert´s experience and skills in leadership, coaching, soft skills, personal/business development and process improvement. I provide guidance on your chosen topics or coaching and recommendations based on observations of your day-to-day work procedures. 

Personalized trainings and workshops

Trainings and workshops focused on self-developmemt, leadership, motivation and self-motivation, soft skills, communication skills etc.

Other services I provide

If you are not sure which method is right one for you, contact me for a free initial consultation. We can combine various methods and approaches or create personalized sessions just for you.

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