Tomáš Juroszek

HRSSC Administrator  / Dixons Carphone CoE, s.r.o.

"Coaching with Dasa was an amazing experience! I wasn't sure about the best approach for my daily work tasks but Dagmar opened my eyes at our session! I highly recommend her not just because of the individual approach but mainly because of the results I achieved with her help."

Martin Podborský

Technical Leader / Dixons Carphone CoE, s.r.o.

"I absolutely recommend coaching with Dasa! Each of our sessions was held in a very friendly and positive atmosphere. Dasa is great at creating a safe space where you can easily discuss personal topics. It is amazing how many problems you can resolve just by answering the right questions, seeing different points of view and organizing your thoughts. The results are amazing!Thanks to my cooperation with Dasa, I realized what goals I want to achieve in my career and what exact steps I need to take."

Petra Horylová

IT Recruitment & Relationship Partner / Dixons Carphone CoE, s.r.o.

"Thanks to coaching sessions with Dasa, I was able to see many new points of view on things which were bothering me for a long time but I couldn't figure them out myself. The best thing about this method is that nobody tells you what to do or not to do. You can trust your decisions because they are yours and not somebody else's. It is amazing to see all these new points of view, you want to explore them and move on. Dasa is a wonderful person and a great professional, you can completely trust her! In her empathetic way, she will show you that many problems have quite simple solutions :)"

Simona Smutná

Mother on maternity leave / OSVČ (business owner)

"I had only one sesion so far but it was very successful. I got a plan, steps and goals but also a feeling that it all makes sense.
Dasa is very kind, she tries to ask about everything relevant and she empathizes with your feelings and fears. She knows how to explain that it is normal to see different points of view and how to think "differently".I highly recommend her and I will definitely contact her in the future if I feel insecure again." 

Soňa Harvánková

Business owner / Coccodrillo Třebíč

"Meeting with Dagmar Kaloudova was helpful for my business, especially when I felt stuck. I gained new energy, inspiration and I found new points of view. Highly recommend!"

Sara Gamboa Mosquera 

Team Leader / Dixons Carphone CoE, s.r.o.

"I was very lucky to find such an assertive and professional coach. After few sessions i can feel how my professional and personal goals become increasingly clear. Thanks Dasa, for managing to make me feel very comfortable and somehow, through all these questions, helping me to find the path for solving each situation. All sessions have been useful for me and i am looking forward to keep receiving Dasa's guide."

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